Our Story so far…

Born out of a career in corporate event organisation and mixed with a love of entertaining, socialising and drinking, Fill Your Flutes was inspired on trip to the Alps last Christmas. We were served a steaming cup of ‘cioccolata calda’ from a lovingly restored Piaggio van high up in the mountains and its quirkiness claimed our hearts.

The determination of that little van to get up into the mountainous Alps resonated with the desire to pursue our dream. Fill Your Flutes was conceived and on return to the UK we commissioned the development and conversion of our very own Piaggio Ape, 3 wheeled, 50cc Van.

Based on our corporate hospitality experience we have designed the Piaggio van to cater for all tastes, both in style and drink selections. We understand the need for extravagance, but also for subtlety, at your event.

Bee, as she is affectionately known (Ape is Italian for bee), has been customised to ensure that she attracts attention. Her 4 tapped keg dispensers, Sonos sound system and LED lighting can be combined with bespoke event messaging or branding to get your celebration going!